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Communications Guide for the Khumbu Everest Region of Nepal

If you are traveling to Nepal, and headed towards Everest BC or higher, the first question you will ask yourself is how to best stay in touch. For 2017, we did our homework, and these are our recommendations... What to Pack  Unlocked Android Phone Sleeve to protect your Android phone - we damaged ours during our last trip! I-Streme App  installed on your unlocked phone Portable Charger External Battery Pack to maintain your smartphone and Thuraya charged at all times. (Note this pack has TWO outputs!) Solar Panel  (we use this one) Wearables (HR, Pulse Oximetry) to keep track of your health that are I-Streme compatible Thuraya Satsleeve + with a GmPRS SIM card for a data plan Thuraya Satsleeve App installed on your smartphone (for voice) DeLorme inReach if you are a minimalist and do not wish to have comprehensive weather updates, send pics, unlimited text, tweet, stream wearables/biometrics as often as you want... 3G, Wi-Fi or Satellite No differe