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WiCis-Sports in the Himalayas

While we have tested extensively our system in the Sierra Nevada  (Western United States), we have yet to take it to the Himalayas. We will begin streaming from Jomsom, Nepal on March 19th. Jomsom is at 9,000 feet, and is the entry point to many climbs in the Himalayas. From Jomsom, one can see the Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri peaks. You will be able to follow the participants' heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate and waveform, temperature, and intermittent pulse oximetry, along with geo-location, speed, altitude, and bearing, all live! That is, that from anywhere in the world with an internet connected device, you will lag only about 1 second behind real time. There are three links to follow. Adventurer 1 Adventurer 2 Adventurer 3 We will be tweeting as to whenever these are live. We plan to send live data some 4-6 hours per day, some while climbing, some at camp. Expect much new data for high altitude physiology enthusiasts! There is little data on live ECG at altitude f