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Alive in the Andes - Following the Steps of the Survivors 45 years later!

Alive in the Andes Vital signs, geo-location and more – every second! We are pleased to announce that WiCis-Sports ( ) and Iridium ( ) are partnering with Benegas Brothers Expeditions ( ), to retrace the   footsteps of the survivors of the Andes accident almost five decades ago when rugby team's plane crashed in the Cordillera between Argentina and Chile in 1972. "Alive" movie, 1993: (IMDB)   Forty-five years after the accident in which their plane crashed in the Andes and with only 16 of the 45 passengers having survived, At least one of the survivors, will embark on this new adventure to retrace the steps of the group, starting this  October 27 . While the survivors of the crash spent over 72 days without communications, this time the expedition will be using the I-Streme solution from WiCis. The solution monitors personal vital signs, exact geo-location data, SOS, pictures,