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I hiked up to Mount Diablo today with our WiCis-Sports gear and app, and I loved it. It was so simple to connect my device with the app. In just 3 steps everything was working!

Ease of Use
Step 1 - Click: I attached the heart rate monitor to my shirt.
Step 2 - Load: I started the Wicis App on my Samsung and loaded the heart monitor driver (the app can load drivers for very different devices).
Step 3- Stream: Nothing do to - the app just started streaming data GPS and wearable data to the web (my personal public dashboard) in real time.

I posted a video on twitter showing how easy this was.

The shirt with the wearable was my base layer, and it was very comfortable - I didn't even notice that I was wearing it! The hike was beautiful, we climbed up to 3,500 feet, and there were two spots that were a big challenging for me: The first one, when I started, and the other when I almost reached the summit. What's interesting is that when I returned home I opened my WiCis-Sports dashboard and clicked on the hart rate widget's history and saw the data reflecting this - two spikes in the graph...

App Resilience
What I really liked also is that when I lost my 4G in several spots, the app stopped sending data but let me know about tit. As soon as my phone recovered its 4G, the WiCis-Sports app started streaming data again automatically. I didn't have to do anything!

The hike was great and when you reach the top, you can breathe and relax your mind with the 360 degree views of the Bay Area. The app allowed me to also take a picture from the top and send it to my public dashboard on the web.

Setup of the app (Click, Load and Stream) took me about a minute. Once I was streaming, I even forgot that I was wearing a heart monitor. During the climb, whenever I chose to, I checked my heart rate, altitude, and speed in real time. I knew I was streaming this data because the app at all times shows me if its connected to the WiCis server.

When I returned, I checked my heart rate history, altitude history, speed and my email. I even had friends in Europe that had watched me!


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