Alive in the Andes - Following the Steps of the Survivors 45 years later!

Alive in the Andes Vital signs, geo-location and more – every second!

We are pleased to announce that WiCis-Sports ( and Iridium ( are partnering with Benegas Brothers Expeditions (, to retrace the  footsteps of the survivors of the Andes accident almost five decades ago when rugby team's plane crashed in the Cordillera between Argentina and Chile in 1972. "Alive" movie, 1993: (IMDB)

Forty-five years after the accident in which their plane crashed in the Andes and with only 16 of the 45 passengers having survived, At least one of the survivors, will embark on this new adventure to retrace the steps of the group, starting this October 27.

While the survivors of the crash spent over 72 days without communications, this time the expedition will be using the I-Streme solution from WiCis. The solution monitors personal vital signs, exact geo-location data, SOS, pictures, and text messages in real-time. This data will …

What really happened on the day that Ueli Steck fell from Nuptse?

What really happened on the day that Ueli Steck fell from Nuptse?  The person who found him shares some interesting clues...
Vinayak Jaya Malla is a Nepalese In-Training Mountain Guide and the person who found Ueli Steck while climbing up to C2 on Everest with a group on April 30, 2017. The author (Dr. Leo Montejo) met Vinay in 2016 while climbing the Sky Caves of Mustang in Nepal, and was impressed by his skill and manner while on the mountain. He saw him again this year at Everest Base Camp shortly before Vinay summitted with a group from the Indian Navy. His story of what may have happened is filled with great respect and admiration for Ueli, and it is also a first glimpse and analysis as to what probably occurred that morning on the slopes of Nuptse.
Vinay, at Everest Base Camp about 10 days before Ueli's accident on Nuptse
# I understand you were with Mingma Sherpa when you found Ueli on April 30. What were the two of you doing in the area of the accident?

We were not together t…

Communications Guide for the Khumbu Everest Region of Nepal

If you are traveling to Nepal, and headed towards Everest BC or higher, the first question you will ask yourself is how to best stay in touch.

For 2017, we did our homework, and these are our recommendations...
What to Pack  Unlocked Android PhoneSleeve to protect your Android phone - we damaged ours during our last trip!I-Streme App installed on your unlocked phonePortable Charger External Battery Pack to maintain your smartphone and Thuraya charged at all times. (Note this pack has TWO outputs!)Solar Panel (we use this one)Wearables (HR, Pulse Oximetry) to keep track of your health that are I-Streme compatibleThuraya Satsleeve + with a GmPRS SIM card for a data planThuraya Satsleeve App installed on your smartphone (for voice)DeLorme inReach if you are a minimalist and do not wish to have comprehensive weather updates, send pics, unlimited text, tweet, stream wearables/biometrics as often as you want...3G, Wi-Fi or Satellite
No different than anywhere else, these are your three main op…

WiCis-Sports wins Thuraya Innovation Award 2016 for Best App

I-Streme Award for Best App
On November 15, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, The Palm Dubai, Adams Hub coworking member company WiCis received the Thuraya 2016 Innovation Award for Best App. The Tahoe-based company received the international honor for its newly-launched WiCis Sports I-Streme App, a disruptive technology for the outdoors which promises to render satellite messengers and sports watches obsolete.  I-Streme works anywhere on the planet with WIFI, 3G, 4G or satellite. Its purpose is to "monitor, share and protect" by transmitting data about the user's geolocation, altitude and speed, as well as their biometrics.
Thuraya, a leading mobile satellite communications company, serves global customers that include industry leaders from sectors such as energy, media, marine, government, and NGOs. Thuraya's technology has been embraced by adventure travel and extreme sports enthusiasts.
"The awards are a great catalyst for the creation of new ideas, products and…
Thuraya-WiCis Partnership Could Jumpstart Satellite-Enabled Wearables - Via Satellite -— WiCis-Sports (@WiCisSports) June 10, 2016
Could lives be saved, on Everest if we could monitor climbers vitals remotely in real time?— WiCis-Sports (@WiCisSports) June 2, 2016

Carlota - our Marketing Guru tests our solution...

I hiked up to Mount Diablo today with our WiCis-Sports gear and app, and I loved it. It was so simple to connect my device with the app. In just 3 steps everything was working!

Ease of Use
Step 1 - Click: I attached the heart rate monitor to my shirt.
Step 2 - Load: I started the Wicis App on my Samsung and loaded the heart monitor driver (the app can load drivers for very different devices).
Step 3- Stream: Nothing do to - the app just started streaming data GPS and wearable data to the web (my personal public dashboard) in real time.

I posted a video on twitter showing how easy this was.

The shirt with the wearable was my base layer, and it was very comfortable - I didn't even notice that I was wearing it! The hike was beautiful, we climbed up to 3,500 feet, and there were two spots that were a big challenging for me: The first one, when I started, and the other when I almost reached the summit. What's interesting is that when I returned home I opened my WiCis-Sports dashb…